9mm Once Fired Brass -- Un-Processed (100ct bags)

Kaleo Arms

$ 3.60
9mm Once Fired Brass -- Un-Processed (100ct bags)

Sold in 100 count quantities. $3.60 per 100.

Once fired U.S. Military 9mm brass. All brass comes directly from U.S. Military sources. Each brass is inspected several times during processing, and extra brass (101%) is in every bag in case a damaged case gets through.

Unprocessed brass is direct from the range without any reconditioning/processing done to them, but cases have been washed to remove dirt.

Unprocessed 9mm brass has crimped primers.

Headstamp is listed as "mixed NATO" because the 9mm brass is not sorted by headstamp, but the vast majority of 9mm headstamps have been WCC. 

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Free shipping on orders totaling $50 and up.

 Hulls (270 and 390 ct) & M19A1 empty can 3 pack also ship free.

Kaleo Arms sells only brass casings. These products are not loaded ammunition, explosive, firearms, or related. 

Reloading can be / is dangerous and should only be done with common sense, safety, and within legal parameters. Please be safe. Kaleo Arms does not warrant or guarantee any casing in any manner; safe use and inspection is the responsibility of the purchaser and end user reloader. 

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