Brass Questions:

What kind of brass is this? Was it machine gun fired?

- This is once-fired brass direct from the U.S. military.  Depending on the military's prior use of the brass, the brass may have been fired from a machine gun.  Although we have not had any issues with our brass, please contact us if you find an issue with your brass.

Are the primer pockets crimped?

- Yes.  All of our unprocessed brass calibers have crimped primers.  Processed brass have been swaged to remove the crimp.

How is the brass cleaned? What about the primer pockets?

- All brass (processed and unprocessed) are given an initial wash to remove dirt and other debris.  Brass that is being processed is then wet tumbled a second time in commercial tumblers to get a more through cleaning before processing.  After running through the machines, the brass is dry tumbled in corncob media to remove the surface case lube.  At this time, we do not offer high luster type finishes and do not specifically clean the primer pockets.

Artisan brass?

- "Artisan brass" is our new line of processed brass that will be offered in August. Instead of machine bulk processed brass, our processed brass will now be hand and machine processed to put forth a better product that we feel is a better representation of our company.  Previously, we had tried to work off a bulk high volume model, which proved to be unsustainable given parts deterioration and ultimately resulted in incompletely processed brass that was not acceptable to us. Given these problems from bulk machine processed brass, we are switching to a new line of processing to offer a better product that we can be proud of.

Do you have 7.62 x 51 LR brass?

- Yes.  If there  is no LR brass in stock online, please email us at customer.service@kaleoarms.com for LR brass availability and orders.  Sometimes we have a small quantity of LR brass might be too small to be a web posted offering.

Shipping Questions:

How do you ship?

- All of our packages are shipped USPS Priority Mail.  

Where do you ship? California future changes.

-  We brass ship to most US addresses except for Massachusetts, Washington DC, and California.  Empty ammo cans can be sent to these locations. Because brass casings are considered "ammunition" in Massacusettes and Washington DC, we are not able to ship brass directly to customers in those states.  However, we can ship to FFLs in those states.

California: In light of the passing of CA Proposition 63, we will continue to accept and ship orders with California billing and shipping addresses through Christmas 2017.  This will allow for successful delivery before the seller portion of Prop 63 takes effect January 1, 2018.

How much is shipping?

- Free shipping on brass orders $49.99 and up. Because there is no additional shipping cost tacked on, for these orders, the cost of shipping is included in the brass per piece price.

- Orders less than $49.99 will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail Small or Medium Flat Rate Box at our actual shipping cost of $6.10 or $11.95 depending on which box the brass will fit into.  

-  3 pack of Ammo cans have a separate shipping rate and ship free USPS priority (even though one 3 pack is less than $49.99).  The 3 pack of ammo cans ship in a large flat rate USPS game box. 

- if you are on Oahu, please contact us to arrange local pick up (if desired).

2017 USPS rate increase?

- USPS Shipping Increase: On January 22, 2017, USPS increased its shipping rates.  While the retail rate increase was minimal, the increase on commercial shipping was more substantial (for some box sizes the commercial increase was 7x the retail increase).  Our brass and can combos typically include shipping in the price, and have been adjusted slightly to account for the rate increase.  M19A1 brass combos increased by 40 cents and M2A1 brass combos increased by 70 cents.  We strive to keep prices affordable and steady, but unfortunately do not have control over increases.

How quickly do orders ship?

- Typically, orders will ship 24-48 hours from being placed.  Often, same or next morning shipping occurs.  

- When we are on travel for gun shows, we will continue to ship orders from our on-hand show inventory in the normal timeframe.  All other orders will be shipped the day after we return from travel.  A notice will be listed on our home page and on the pages of affected products with more information about the delay and ship date.  

I got an email that said my order shipped, but USPS tracking says still waiting for item?

- You will receive an email when a shipping label is created for your order.  Your package will be on its way to the post office shortly.  Often the labels will be created over night and taken to the post office in the morning, but occasionally if a package is ready for shipping over the weekend, it will not get a post office scan until Monday morning (or next open business day following a holiday).  The USPS scanning and tracking system does take time to update so please check back with USPS for updated information.

My tracking number says the package was delivered, but I can't find it.  Can you call the post office for me?

- Unfortunately, we don't have any special influence with USPS so it would be best if you contacted your delivering post office for more information about where the package may have been put.  We can certainly submit an inquiry for you, but the national form that we submit will still go to your local delivering post office for information.  To avoid any unnecessary lost time, we urge you to contact your local delivering post office for help locating the package.  If a package cannot be found but the tacking says that it was delivered, we can file file for a missing package report which may require the intended recipient to certify that the package was not received.

Payment Questions:

What forms of payment does Kaleo Arms take?

- We take all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club) as well as Paypal

Does Kaleo Arms charge a credit card processing fee?

- No.  Our company view is that credit card processing fees should be paid by the merchant and not charged to the buyer customer as an additional fee.  Credit card fees are the modern day cost of doing business, and we do not burden our customers with additional fees.

Other Questions:

Do you charge a material or handling/processing fee?

- No.  Similar our view on credit card processing fees, we do not charge any extra order percentage fee for materials or to pack your order.  

How do I contact Kaleo Arms?

- The best way to contact us is through email at Customer.Service@KaleoArms.com.  We strive to respond within 24 hours Monday-Friday, by end of business Monday following a weekend, or by the end of the next business day following a holiday.


Free shipping on orders totaling $50 and up.

 Hulls (270 and 390 ct) & M19A1 empty can 3 pack also ship free.

Kaleo Arms sells only brass casings. These products are not loaded ammunition, explosive, firearms, or related. 

Reloading can be / is dangerous and should only be done with common sense, safety, and within legal parameters. Please be safe. Kaleo Arms does not warrant or guarantee any casing in any manner; safe use and inspection is the responsibility of the purchaser and end user reloader. 

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