2017 Christmas Brass Sale!

For 2017 Holiday 3-Packs, see collection below

UN-Processed Brass (per 100ct): 9mm -- $2.75 ; 300blk semi-converted -- $8.50 ; 5.56 LC -- $5.50 ; 7.62 Nato -- $10.00 ; 7.62 LC -- $12.00

Processed Brass (per 100ct): 9mm -- $3.50 ; 300blk converted -- $10.25 ; 5.56 LC -- $10 ; 7.62 Nato -- $14.75 ; 7.62 LC -- $16.50


** Not loaded ammunition **

IMPORTANT: By purchasing from Kaleo Arms INC., Buyer agrees to the following terms and conditions regarding eligibility to purchase and liability disclaimer.  By submitting an order, Buyer certifies that Buyer is legally allowed to purchase and possess reloading components according to Buyer’s State and US Federal law.  It is the Buyer’s, ultimate loader’s, and shooter’s responsibilities to inspect each and every brass and hull component before loading.  Kaleo Arms INC. and its parent and sister corporations assumes absolutely no liability for any defective brass as Buyer agrees that all brass and hulls are sold as-is.  Loading ammunition and using re-loaded ammunition are dangerous activities requires competent knowledge of reloading, safe practices, and common sense.  Proper safety equipment should always be used when reloading and shooting reloaded rounds.  Because Kaleo Arms INC. cannot control the individual reloading and handloading practices of each end loader and user, Kaleo Arms INC. hereby disclaims any and all liability for any damages or injury that may result from reloading brass and hulls purchased from Kaleo Arms INC.  Buyer agrees to the forgoing provisions in their entirety upon submitting an order. 

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