Brass Questions

Q: Where does your brass come from?

Our fired 9mm, 5.56, and 7.62 come directly from the DOD military auctions.  Our 300blk brass is converted from military 5.56.

The new commercial brass come from the respective brand factories.

Q: Was this brass machine gun fired?

Depending on the military's prior use of the brass, the fired brass may have been fired from a machine gun.  Unfortunately, we are unable to know with certainty whether or not a particular brass has been machine gun fired.

Q: Are the Primer pockets crimped?

Yes.  Most of our unprocessed brass calibers have crimped primers.  Range 40SW, 357mag, 357sig, and 44rem do not have crimps.  The 38spl and 45acp were sourced both from the military and the range and may contain crimps.

Processed brass have been swaged to remove the crimp.

Q: How is the brass cleaned? What about the primer pockets?

All fired brass from the military.  Because of reduced workforce following COVID, as of June, brass is no longer being washed.

Q: What was Artisan brass?
"Artisan brass" was line of custom processed brass.  For some guns and reloading goals, a "one-size-fits-all" approach to processing is not the ideal option.  Processed brass with the "Artisan" designation can be cut to a customized length for you (+/-.001").  This line is de-primed, swaged, and sized on a machine and trimmed to length, chamferred, and deburred by hand.  As of May 2019, we have discontinued this line of brass.
Q: Do you process your own brass?  What happened to processed brass?

Our brass is processed in-house through our Type 06 FFL sister company, Kaleo Manufacturing.  Kaleo Arms is the domestic retail arm of the Kaleo Family of Companies. As of May 2019, due to changes in the firearm, ammunition, and reloading markets, we have stopped offering processed brass for retail sale.  We will instead be carrying new commercial brass in a wider range of calibers. 
Q: What happened to Raptor brass?
A couple things actually... Raptor brass is very labor intensive to convert from 308.  The conversion sizing process puts a lot of wear and tear on the Raptor dies, and the Raptor dies (although we have several spares) have a long production lead time.  In general, the Raptor caliber has caused a disproportionate amount of production issues.  We are evaluating whether to continue offering this caliber conversion given the difficulties.


Q: How do I contact Kaleo Arms?

The best way to contact us is through email at Customer.Service@KaleoArms.com.  We strive to respond within 24 hours Monday-Friday, by end of business Monday following a weekend, or by the end of the next business day following a holiday.

Email is the best way to contact us so we can research your order or question to provide the most helpful answer.  We do have a phone number (1-800-280-3317), but we run a phone-free business for greatest efficiency and to avoid any potential misunderstandings that can occur over the phone.   Please do not leave a message as the voicemail is not often monitored.  Instead, please send an email to Customer.Service@KaleoArms.com, and we will get back to you shortly.

Order Questions

Q: Is my transaction secure?
As secure as any other internet purchase can be.  The truth is that no internet purchase or credit card purchase is 100% fraud proof.  That being said, Kaleo Arms does use secure processing.  The e-commerce store is hosted by BigCommerce, and all payments are processed through Authorize.net.  BigCommerce and Authorize.net are 2a industry standard web hosting and payment processing options.  Both use high levels of payment security and information security.  Kaleo Arms has no access to credit card numbers/pins etc.  Likewise, BigCommerce also does not have access to payment information nor does BigCommerce store or save any customer payment information.
Q: Does Kaleo Arms charge a credit card processing fee?

No.  Our company view is that credit card processing fees should be paid by the merchant and not charged to the buyer customer as an additional fee.  Credit card fees are the modern day cost of doing business, and we do not burden our customers with additional fees.

 Q: Do you charge a material or handling/processing fee?

No.  Similar our view on credit card processing fees, we do not charge any extra order percentage fee for materials or to pack your order.

Shipping Questions
Q: How do you ship?


Q: Where do you ship?

We brass ship to most US addresses except for Massachusetts and District of Columbia.  Empty ammo cans can be sent to these locations. Because brass casings are considered "ammunition" in Massachusetts and District of Columbia, we are not able to ship brass directly to customers in those states.  However, we can ship to FFLs in those states.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

Please email us at customer.service@kaleoarms.com for international orders.  We may be able to fulfill international orders through one of our sister companies.

Q: How much is shipping?

Orders $75 and over ship free.

Orders $74.99 and less will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail at a flat $5 shipping rate. 

For the last 5 years we have been able to absorb the annual USPS shipping increases, but this year we are no longer able to do so at the $50 free shipping threshold.

Q: I got an email that said my order shipped, but USPS tracking says still waiting for item?

Our eCommerce platform and shipping partners, generate a shipping email when a label has been purchased.  Your package will be on its way to the post office shortly.  The USPS scanning and tracking system does take time to update so please check back with USPS for updated information. 


IMPORTANT Legal and Warranty Disclaimers: By purchasing from Kaleo Arms INC., Buyer agrees to the following terms and conditions regarding eligibility to purchase and liability disclaimer. By submitting an order, Buyer certifies that Buyer is legally allowed to purchase and possess reloading components according to Buyer’s State and US Federal law. It is the Buyer’s, ultimate loader’s, and shooter’s responsibilities to inspect each and every brass and hull component before loading. Kaleo Arms INC. and its parent and sister corporations assumes absolutely no liability for any defective brass as Buyer agrees that all brass and hulls are sold as-is. Loading ammunition and using re-loaded ammunition are dangerous activities requires competent knowledge of reloading, safe practices, and common sense. Never load ammunition outside commercially published or available load data as serious injury or death may occur. Proper safety equipment should always be used when reloading and shooting reloaded rounds. Reloading should only be done in well lighted areas and with the undivided attention of the reloader. Because Kaleo Arms INC. cannot control the individual reloading and handloading practices of each end loader and user, Kaleo Arms INC. hereby disclaims any and all liability for any damages or injury that may result from reloading brass and hulls purchased from Kaleo Arms INC. Buyer agrees to the foregoing provisions in their entirety upon submitting an order. CA Prop 65 Warning: These product can expose you to chemicals including LEAD, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and LEAD, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.